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             We are back from our vacation! Everything went very well and it was greatly relaxing! And as I get back in the swing of things, I found out today that my job search is over and I have found a new position within my company and will be getting a promotion! Yay home team! So I would like to thank all my friends and readers of my blog for their prayers. I am finally getting away from the issues in my current position and free at last!

See ya tomorrow….tonight we party!

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            Hey all! Sorry for not posting yesterday and possibly today(other than this brief post). I have had three job opportunities fall in my lap the last week and a half. Yay! So I have been on the phone a lot setting up interviews and working on resumes and pre-interview paperwork red tape. I am also a tad behind in my reading but will hopefully have the review of Chapter 3 of ‘A New Earth’ up tomorrow. I have two interviews set up for Friday so prayers are always welcome. The hours are not great and may cut time into my family time until I can get on a better shift, but the pay is much better and one of the jobs has benefits out the wazoo! Talk to ya soon!

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              While I will continue to teach apologetics and the basics of the bible, I feel that modern Christian faith needs to be addressed. After looking into many of the subjects that have flashed across the news reel and how this modern world shuns the politically incorrect topic of religion. At the same time, the Christian community is bombarded with issues such as Harry Potter to Catholic Priest indiscretions to Oprah starting her own new age ‘cult’ as many want to call it.

              I feel this things need to be addressed to strengthen those in the faith and push back this wave of attacks that face our religion.

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Work Issues

Hey all! Due to work being rather turbulent right now, I will post when I can but need to take care of some things here. Thanks for your understanding.

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Back On Track!

My chruch asked me to teach a class in February so I spent the last week working on my presentation. This is my first official teaching gig in the church so I am a bit nervous and want to be prepared. Needless to say, I dove into the presentation with both feet. It is almost complete except for a few parts that need to be fleshed out, but it is done enough where I feel comfortable with it for now. That leaves me free to come back to Beyond Faith and continue our discussion!

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Little Behind This Week

I have been a little behind this week with being out sick on Monday and playing catchup at work. Sorry about that! I am really looking forward to getting on with the discussion about Harry Potter and Da Vinci Code and hope to get started today.

Update on the site, it looks like we will be getting our own site at some point in the next couple of months, so stay tuned for that. And as always, if you have a writing bug please let me know! It does not matter if you just want to do a single article or a daily column, or help out with something already in progress; all help is…well…helpful! 🙂

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Welcome Back!

christmas-tree-house.jpgI hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year holiday!

Mine was great and filled with more love than I knew was out there. Beyond Faith will be starting back up today so stay tuned….one day I will learn to write ahead of schedule but till then… 🙂

 PS: Have you ever done a seearch for Christmas images on the net? Could not find one that had Christ in Christmas…

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            Welcome to Beyond Faith! My journey started as most do, I was after the girl. Well, I did get the girl, and we became rather serious. With this, she had some deal breakers and religion was one of them. I have always been what I believe to be a moral and religious guy; I just was not sure about this Jesus fellow and all the stories about him. She joked that I was Jewish and just did not know it. On the religion subject, we argued, we debated back and forth, and it was getting to the point that I was going to lose her if something did not change.

            So I started doing some research on Christianity and why people so strongly believe in Jesus and this magical book called the Bible. I talked with her on the subject and found that she has always believed because that was the way she was raised; there was never a question for her on ‘what if.’ So I had to dig deeper and find the answers myself if I was going to find out why I should believe.

            So skip ahead in the story about 4 years, now I am a leader at our church and read very heavily into apologetics, which translates into the defense of the Christian faith. For me the journey was not about blindly following what my parents told me. It was about a path that led me Beyond Faith. While my faith is now strong, I still walk the path today trying to lead those I find to Jesus Christ. Join me won’t you!

By the way, I still got the girl. 🙂

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