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The Core of Ego

Open Review

In this chapter, Tolle wants to expand on his theories that the ego is holding us back from being truly great beings of truth and pureness. In that statement alone, I can agree. Holding on to resentment and grievances, as Tolle suggests, can corrupt your life and change it forever and not in a positive way! There is a lot of truth to this and even in Christianity, we are taught to forgive each other and to turn the other cheek. Tolle talks a lot about “the truth” in this chapter and how it is obscured and hidden by the rules and regulations that is placed on our lives. He is really pointing a cold finger towards any organized religion. I did find it funny that he talks about how each side of a battle claim to have the truth and that is the ego talking…yet he wrote a book about his version of the truth and why others are wrong in their thoughts. I found this a bit dagger to the heart on his case. (more…)

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          One thing that I enjoy doing in the back end of my blog is reviewing the stats page. It shows you all sorts of interesting information about your blog. Not only does it give you the number of visitors, but it also shows how people got to the site, any links to the site that others have put on their sites(Thank you very much by the way), what stories people are reading, and so forth. The one that interests me the most, however, is the category called “Search Engine Terms” this shows me a list of what people were searching for on Google, Yahoo, etc. to get to my site. I can then use this info to try to give those searching more information about the subjects they are searching for.

          Two days ago, three people did a search that I just loved; they asked “What would Jesus say to Oprah?” I found that very interesting. What would Jesus say? I thought about this all weekend. I know several things I would like Him to say, but would He? I have come to the conclusion that it is not my place to speak for Him. But if their question was “What would you say to Oprah?” then I would have a few things to say. (more…)

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            So we begin our look into Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth. What I am going to do is take each chapter, read through it and try to be as open minded as I can; trying to get the purpose that Tolle is trying to communicate. Then I will go back through and list the things that are not Biblically sound. I hope this journey will be informative for both you and me. (more…)

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I have mentioned a time or two that I shop at Barnes & Noble for my book purchases. So today at lunch, while running my errands, I passed by a B&N and decided to drop in and pick up Tolle’s A New Earth. I agree with the comment that gracieguru posted; you should have read a book if you are going to call it trash. So I stopped in and went to the Christian section. I searched the alphabetical stacks and found the T’s. Looking down the rows I ran through the letters….T…..TO….TOL…..TOLL….Hmmm no Tolle found. So I went up to the information desk and ask the lady there. She knew the book and came out of the little circular information desk to lead me to my book.


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