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harry-potter-cover.jpgLet’s start of the week on the subject of Harry Potter. I will say up front that I am pro-Potter; but I fully understand and respect people’s right to not want to read it. The debate starts on how you define the books. The fans of Potter claim it to be nothing more than a good tale and that is it. Those against the books feel the books are filled with witchcraft and try to teach it to children; which the Bible is very much against. I think it may be easier to just jump right in and take a look at both sides:


One of the biggest verses that fuel this side of the fight is Deuteronomy 18:9-14(NIV):



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bible3.jpg            True is, all we have is an educated guess at when the four gospels were written. None of the manuscripts that have ever been found have “March 13, 0043” on them or any other date that can be placed as when they were written. That opens up a lot of debate as to when they were written and how reliable they could be if they were written much later than expected.

             The Gospel of Matthew, for instance, is argued to have been written as early as 40 A.D., a mere handful of years after Jesus’ death, all the way to 140 A.D.  This fact alone shows that there are some differences in opinion in the entire dating process. And your point of view on the dating process and who you talk to will greatly influence your take on when you accept the gospels were written. Many try to push the dates back simply because they want to try to discredit Christianity. This is neither correct nor even sound science.


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key.jpg            Last time in Leading Others, we looked at being sincere and caring for those people that you want to bring home to the Lord. That is a huge step in the right direction! But that is by far not all to the process. Soon after you have established this type of report, your person will start to ask honest questions that have concerned them. It is imperative to give honest answers!

             The subject of the Christian faith is a huge one, making it very hard for you to know everything. There are things that you may have never questioned since you were brought up within the faith and just never considered it a question. All of that is OK.  Simply tell them the truth. Tell them that you have never asked that question yourself, or that you simply do not know. However, do not leave it there! Find the answer for him. Do not leave his question out in the cold. Use your resources to find the answer the best you can. Remember that there are sites like GotQuestions.com that specialize in answering questions about the faith. You can also approach your clergy to ask them. I know my pastors are very open to discussions and answering questions. (more…)

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            When I was a non-believer, I found it rather easy to defend my point of view in a debate with a Christian about faith. They would lead off with some great argument and go into a long spiel about their best points on Christianity, and nine times out of ten, I had them fully set up to fail with one simple question.

            “Where did you get that information?” All Christians will almost always fire right back with “The Bible!” It was at this point that I would secure my victory.

            “I don’t believe in your God, so why should I believe that a book written by men that you claim is the word of a God I don’t believe in?” Then their eyes would glaze over and you could see them scrambling!

            “But….It is the word of God.” They would no doubt say.

            “How do you know that?”

            “Because it is.”

            “I see. So should I just start flapping now?”


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