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As anyone who pokes around the site knows, I do love the Da Vinci Code as a fictional piece; excellent thriller. I had a hard time putting it down even though I did not agree with it on a religious level. And as a side tangent, I am REALLY looking forward to the prequel of Angels & Demons that is coming out May 19, 2009! Angels & Demons was a better book than the Da Vinci in Becky and my opinions. But that is not what we are here to talk about is it!

Becky was reading another book that really sounded like Da Vinci Code and involved a hidden society, the bloodline of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene, of course all based loosely on what we are told is the Gospels of Mary. So the question is: What exactly is the Gospel of Mary? (more…)

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last-supper.jpgLet’s start off with Dan Brown’s book The Da Vinci Code. First, here is a good approach to understanding The Da Vinci Code: Walk into your nearest book store and ask the clerk where you can find a copy of The Da Vinci Code. He will either tell you or lead you to the start of the fiction section and look under the B’s for Brown.

Why do they file Dan Brown’s book under fiction if it is this huge secret against Christianity? Simply because it is a fictional story! There are a number of real life events and places listed in the book; Dan Brown does an awesome job of making his story come to life by including them. That does not mean that because Mars exists a story about a colony of people on Mars is true. People really get stirred up by things that question their religion and rightly so in some cases. In others, however, just know that the book is a work of fiction and move on.


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How many times have you wished that you had the answers up front? I know I have! Well here is the answer to the big media vs. Christianity debate up front:  Each of us has to decide what we consider acceptable for our beliefs and families. That is the basic fact that is the true answer for all of us.

If you feel that Harry Potter promotes witchcraft to children, then by all means don’t hand the books to your children. You would not feel comfortable about your job as a parent and Christian if you did! If you think the Da Vinci Code is pure blasphemy, then don’t read it. Each of us has to decide what is best for us, our God, our families.

Over the next posts we will discuss those things that are not as clear. But keep in mind that we are not trying to divide Christians and put them against each other. We are trying to share information that we all do need to live in a world where almost every boy and girl in school is reading Harry Potter and seeing the movies. It is hard to escape, even if we do not approve of the content. If it is hard for us as adult, imagine the impact it has on your children.

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harry-potter-cover.jpgda-vinci-code-cover.jpg            We will be shifting gears away from the normal schedule to discuss a topic that we hit on last week. After posting about The Passion of the Christ last Friday, we received quite a few emails about how Christianity should look at some of the big events in books and movies today. The main focus of the questions really focused on two books/movie series: The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and it’s soon prequel movie Angels & Demons and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. The concern is with the mass media promoting different views from the church, how do we keep up and should we be worried about it at all?

            The second part of the question should be answered first and that answer is yes, we should be concerned about how the media portrays our religion and influences our children. We are Christians, and it should be in our very nature to help protect God’s world and defend against the untruths that come to the light in the media. But should we be fearful of fiction and fantasy writing?

            That is the real question that divides those in the flock. Some call it pure fantasy and entertainment; some call it blatant blasphemy and witchcraft. Is there a truth that we all can agree on? Probably not. But what we can do is explore these two series in some detail, and if nothing else, get some facts in the open so Christians know what is being said and how they want to react to it within their own family and community. God has given us all freewill, so it truly is up to the individual on how they want to view these works and if they want to allow their children to enter those worlds.

            So please join us in this discussion over the next few weeks and share your thoughts and feelings! You can either comment on the story pages themselves or send emails to beyondjustfaith@gmail.com.

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