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How many times have you wished that you had the answers up front? I know I have! Well here is the answer to the big media vs. Christianity debate up front:  Each of us has to decide what we consider acceptable for our beliefs and families. That is the basic fact that is the true answer for all of us.

If you feel that Harry Potter promotes witchcraft to children, then by all means don’t hand the books to your children. You would not feel comfortable about your job as a parent and Christian if you did! If you think the Da Vinci Code is pure blasphemy, then don’t read it. Each of us has to decide what is best for us, our God, our families.

Over the next posts we will discuss those things that are not as clear. But keep in mind that we are not trying to divide Christians and put them against each other. We are trying to share information that we all do need to live in a world where almost every boy and girl in school is reading Harry Potter and seeing the movies. It is hard to escape, even if we do not approve of the content. If it is hard for us as adult, imagine the impact it has on your children.

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