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key.jpg            Last time in Leading Others, we looked at being sincere and caring for those people that you want to bring home to the Lord. That is a huge step in the right direction! But that is by far not all to the process. Soon after you have established this type of report, your person will start to ask honest questions that have concerned them. It is imperative to give honest answers!

             The subject of the Christian faith is a huge one, making it very hard for you to know everything. There are things that you may have never questioned since you were brought up within the faith and just never considered it a question. All of that is OK.  Simply tell them the truth. Tell them that you have never asked that question yourself, or that you simply do not know. However, do not leave it there! Find the answer for him. Do not leave his question out in the cold. Use your resources to find the answer the best you can. Remember that there are sites like GotQuestions.com that specialize in answering questions about the faith. You can also approach your clergy to ask them. I know my pastors are very open to discussions and answering questions. (more…)

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