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           The 12 apostles were around Jesus for most of the day, every day. That would make them pretty reliable witnesses to how Jesus acted and the fact that he did accomplish what the gospels state that he did. They traveled with him, ate with him, stayed with him, and watched him almost 24 hours a day. They were eye witnesses to Jesus’ acts and that he was sinless. When Jesus said ‘Which of you can convict me of Sin?’, no one spoke! If the apostles believed as they did that Jesus was the son of God and the deity come to earth in human form then they would have had a hard time still believing if they saw him committing sins. If I tried to pull that off, I am sure my wife would be able to stand right up and tell a couple of good tales; and the same goes for each of us. We could easily be found out as a sinner; yet not a single mouth opened to convict Jesus of sin; even the 12 men that were with him night and day.


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