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Christians admit that Jesus read the Old Testament during his time on earth. So he knew about the prophecies and tried to fulfill them. Does that not make them null and void?

While it is true that Jesus did have the Bible(at the time it was just the Old Testament) to read and go over this does not mean that he sought out things to do to accomplish these prophecies. On top of that, there are MANY that are completely out of human control. Born in Bethlehem, for example, is one that was not in his control as a human. Can you picture him in Mary’s stomach on the way to Bethlehem kicking to get attention and then saying “Um…mom….we need to hurry up and get there or this whole God’s son thing is not going to turn out so good…” I kid, but you can definitely see the point. Pure coincidence you say!? Well then let’s take a look at the day of crucifixion. On this one day, Jesus fulfilled nearly 30 prophecies about his life and death. Here is a list of some of them and a somewhat tongue-in-cheek humorous look of each.


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