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          A reader asked if there were prophets in today’s church, if so what roles do they play in the church, and finally how can we tell if the person is a true prophet of God. Those are some pretty hefty questions and important ones; so let’s take a look at what we know.


Are there prophets today and what roles do/did they play in the church?

            It is possible that God could grant anyone today the gift of prophecy; He is God and can do whatever He deems needed for mankind. With that being said, it is very unlikely that He does so though. Why? The gift of prophecy was the best way for God to tell us what to look for in the coming of Jesus Christ and the formation of the early church. By giving us the prophecies in the Old Testament, He laid out the guiding framework of what to look for in His son Jesus Christ. Without that knowledge, we would not have been able to recognize that Jesus was exactly who He claimed to be; the living son of God. (more…)

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