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          One thing that I enjoy doing in the back end of my blog is reviewing the stats page. It shows you all sorts of interesting information about your blog. Not only does it give you the number of visitors, but it also shows how people got to the site, any links to the site that others have put on their sites(Thank you very much by the way), what stories people are reading, and so forth. The one that interests me the most, however, is the category called “Search Engine Terms” this shows me a list of what people were searching for on Google, Yahoo, etc. to get to my site. I can then use this info to try to give those searching more information about the subjects they are searching for.

          Two days ago, three people did a search that I just loved; they asked “What would Jesus say to Oprah?” I found that very interesting. What would Jesus say? I thought about this all weekend. I know several things I would like Him to say, but would He? I have come to the conclusion that it is not my place to speak for Him. But if their question was “What would you say to Oprah?” then I would have a few things to say. (more…)

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Psalms 27:10
Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me.

            Today we take a look at families and all the fun they can bring. I am blessed with two parents that I get along with as well as two step parents that a wonderful and part of our close family. Sure we can get on each other’s nerves, just like any two people that spend time together, but as a family we are very blessed with our relationships.

            I was speaking to a friend the other day as she was having family problems. Specifically, she did not get along with her mother very well. From her story, her mother liked to pit her and her sister against each other to get what she wanted. This year one of the sisters had made the mother mad and so the other got a present that the other had wanted just to spite her. To add icing on the cake, the mother called just to ask the one how the other had like the present just to make sure she knew.

            She asked for prayers to ask the Lord for help in dealing with her mother and guidance on how she can “honor her mother and father” like the bible says.

            For her my suggestion is to pray with us and let the Lord lead her. You can control your actions, but you have no control over others. It may be painful but spending less time with that person or on the phone with them may be what is needed. It is always hard to move away emotionally from someone we love and I hope that is not needed; but at times, that is exactly what the Lord is telling us to do. Let’s pray.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for being there in the troubled times. No matter what is going on in my life we can always turn to find your loving arms around us. Please fill us with the strength to handle to difficulties that come up. Please bless our families with your light and love so that they too can find peace in you. Take our hand and lead us to where you want us to be. We know that sometimes the road can be painful, but we have faith in you and your plan for each of us. Amen.

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