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passion-of-the-christ.jpg            Modern media has a big influence on our lives and the things that people believe and act or don’t believe and act. Just think of all the people waiting for the weather to come on the local news so that they know what to wear to work tomorrow. While this is not an example based on faith, you can see how it does affect the things we do in our daily lives. So when big media hits, and hits on faith and people’s beliefs, it can be a huge thing! The Passion of the Christ is one such occasion. With all the media hype and news that followed it, many people asked if the movie followed the Bible and what it tells us that happened.

            Actually, it is almost exactly what the Bible preaches in the Gospels. There were a few things in the movie that were not mentioned in the Bible such as the demonic children and the woman wiping blood from Jesus’ face, but other than that it was very accurate to the story in the Bible. Mel Gibson also gave a little more information about Mary that was in the Bible as well. But over all the stories do match up and watching the movie, while more violent and startling when put in motion, does follow what we have been Biblically taught.

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