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New Earth Book CoverWell, I finished my reading and my review a day early even though I struggled all week to get through chapter 2 of A New Earth. It was not because Tolle had tried to render the Christian faith useless again, but his views on the inner and outer being and the ego just struck me as…well…junk. Tolle’s views on the world have foundation, but he pushes them too far in trying to maintain his inner light theories. But I am getting ahead of myself. Hit the jump and check it out for yourself. (more…)

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last-supper.jpgLet’s start off with Dan Brown’s book The Da Vinci Code. First, here is a good approach to understanding The Da Vinci Code: Walk into your nearest book store and ask the clerk where you can find a copy of The Da Vinci Code. He will either tell you or lead you to the start of the fiction section and look under the B’s for Brown.

Why do they file Dan Brown’s book under fiction if it is this huge secret against Christianity? Simply because it is a fictional story! There are a number of real life events and places listed in the book; Dan Brown does an awesome job of making his story come to life by including them. That does not mean that because Mars exists a story about a colony of people on Mars is true. People really get stirred up by things that question their religion and rightly so in some cases. In others, however, just know that the book is a work of fiction and move on.


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